Monday, September 17, 2012


The Power of Introverts 
in a World That Can't Stop Talking
By Susan Cain

Review by Tony Vicory

Don’t panic, but they’re all around you, everywhere, in your workplace, in your neighborhood, maybe in your own backyard. In fact, chances are, you might even be one yourself.

“Who?” you ask, breathlessly, as beads of sweat roll down your face. “Vampires? Zombies? Vampire zombies?”

No, the answer is introverts – you know, those folks who prefer keeping mostly to themselves – and, like it or not, they’re here to stay. (Do you need a cold compress now?)

According to Susan Cain’s eye-opening new book, Quiet, at least 30% of all people are introverts. That’s one in three. That’s Snap, Crackle or Pop. And yet, Cain argues, we live in a culture that “can’t stop talking,” that treats these individuals, not as valuable in their own right, but as would-be extroverts-in-progress. Sure, without introverts, we wouldn’t have Google or Harry Potter or the theory of relativity, but that’s beside the point, right? People are supposed to be assertive and garrulous and sociable, aren’t they? Aren’t they? (Wait – where did those crickets come from?)

Using thorough research and real-world examples, Cain challenges the “extrovert ideal” and demonstrates just how much introverts can contribute to a world that so frequently misunderstands them. Without a doubt, Quiet is nothing short of thought-provoking: a book that’s bound to start a conversation or two, if not a full-fledged debate – at least, among the more talkative set, obviously. That goes without saying. Which is how we introverts usually like it.

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  1. I liked that book a lot! But then, I'm an introvert, of course. Thanks for reviewing this one, Danny~

    ~Amy Walker

  2. Thanks for reading, Amy! The thanks for this review should to go Tony, however. I'm just the messenger!