Monday, September 3, 2012

End of Summer Reads

Alice Buckle has been married for almost 20 years. She has a husband, two kids, a nervy dog, and a job she enjoys. So why does she feel that something is missing? She is the age her mother was when she passed away, and Alice is missing her keenly.

 Alice is solicited to participate in an online survey about marriage, and she is surprised to discover how much she enjoys it. Alice develops a relationship with Researcher 101 and for the first time in a long time, feels that someone is listening to her.  When her husband William loses his job, their relationship becomes strained, Alice relies more and more on her relationship with Researcher 101. Revealing details of their courtship and marriage through the survey causes Alice to think about where she is and where she is going.  Can she save her marriage? Does she want to? And who exactly is Researcher 101?

Wife 22  is a quick, easy read for those who enjoy tales of domestic family life, marriages, and friends. 

Spring Fever opens with Annajane Hudgens attending her ex-husband's wedding. They have an amicable relationship, and Annajane adores his daughter, Sophie, who disrupts the nuptials with a case of appendicitis. Annajane doesn't like Celia, his fiance, who seems to have hoodwinked not only Mason, her ex-husband, but the rest of the town.  

It doesn't help that Annajane sees Mason and Celia every day at work. They all work for Quixie, a cherry cola manufactured in their small NC town. Quixie is the main employer in Passcoe, and when it is threatened by a takeover, Annajane and Mason work together to try and save the company that has been in Mason's family for years. Celia is not too happy with this arrangement. She has always seen Annajane as a threat, especially since she is best friends with Mason's sister. Annajane is determined to save Quixie, and if it means working with Mason, so be it. 

Long buried family secrets, romance, and second chances abound in Spring Fever. If you like stories set in a small southern town with plenty of characters, this is for you.

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