Thursday, September 13, 2012

Audio: Author as Narrator

Review by DeAnna Espinoza

Audiobooks become remarkable when the narrator is able to bring to life the characters of the writer. But what if the narrator is the author? You would think an author would know best the way to convey characters but, alas, some authors are just not the performing type and tend to fall short on their narration. One such author I would recommend staying away from is Barbara Kingsolver (writer and narrator of The Lacuna) who weaves a great story in print but narrates with such meticulousness that you may become tired of her exaggerated pronunciation. But do not prematurely lump every narrating author into the same category. On the other side of the coin is Neil Gaiman, an author who manages to deliver a great story every time.

You can't go wrong with a Neil Gaiman audiobook. Whether you choose Coraline, The Graveyard Book, or Stardust, Gaiman gives a superb performance of all his works. Stardust, one of my favorite reads, is an unassuming love story about a young man named Tristran and the quest he takes to acquire a fallen star for his lady love. Tristran is in for a surprise, however, when he discovers the fallen star is a real person. Even if fantasy is not your cup of tea, I guarantee you won't be disappointed by Neil Gaiman's storytelling which focuses more on character development rather than the fantastical circumstances in which they are placed.

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