Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Memories - Light the Corners of my Mind"

Rest in peace, Marvin Hamlisch. Your lyrics and music brought joy to many.

Want to know more about JFK Jr? This is the perfect memoir for you. Fairy Tale Interrupted is the story of Rose Terenzio, who served as  JFK Jr.'s personal assistant. Terenzio is a Bronx native, and her first encounter with JFK Jr. sets the tone for the book. (She walks into her office to find him boxing up her desk and she gives him a piece of her mind).  She was one of the few people not afraid to speak her mind around him, and he valued her discretion, devotion, and work ethic.  This memoir chronicles the rise and fall of George, his magazine, his love affair and marriage with Carolyn Bessette, and anecdotes about what it was like to work for him and with him. RoseMarie's devastation upon the couple's death reveals the strong bond between these unlikely friends.  The handwritten notes and photos included are interesting.

Jane Maas writes about her experiences as a copywriter in the 1960's in NYC. Her book is filled with details about how the "Mad Men" and women really lived and worked. Drinking in the office? Yes. Affairs in the office? Yes. Interesting clients that must be appeased? Yes. 

Jane is best known and seems proudest of her "I Love New York" campaign. It was interesting to read about her life, career, and what Mad Men gets wrong. She worked for Leona Helmsley, yes, the Queen of Mean for a short time. This was a light, fun read. If you like Mad Men, I recommend it. Request it here

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