Monday, September 24, 2012

One Last Thing Before I Go...

What would you do if you had to determine whether or not to save your own life?

Drew Silver is faced with that choice in One Last Thing Before I Go. Silver, the washed up drummer for the defunct band the Bent Daisies, discovers he has an aortic dissection. Without surgery to fix it, he will die. He would leave behind loving parents, an ex-wife, and his estranged daughter Casey. But what does he have to live for?

Since his divorce, Silver's life has gone to pieces. He is living on residual checks from his one-hit wonder and occasional gigs. His relationship with his family is strained. He hangs out all day with his other divorced washed up friends ogling college girls. 

When faced with the question of having surgery to extend his life, Silver embarks on a journey of self realization. His condition plays a part - he involuntarily speaks out loud is innermost thoughts and feelings. For the first time in years, he is realizing how beautiful life can be instead of going through the motions of a hollowed out man with no direction. Will he find enough compelling reasons to continue his life journey?

If you have never heard Jonathan Tropper, I highly recommend his books. They are beautifully written, entertaining, and full of wry humor. His books are being optioned to become films. If you enjoy Nick Hornby, pick up a Tropper book. You will not be disappointed.

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