Monday, November 17, 2014

Now an American citizen living in Rochester, New York, Salva was a young fugitive of the war in Sudan who lived in a refugee camp for ten years. He finally traveled to America, where he is still studying for his bachelor's degree in International Business. Salva Dut was only 11 when he had to take the long and treacherous journey to Ethiopia, where he spent about six years living there. Then Salva led the "Lost Boys of Sudan" to a refugee camp in Kenya. From there only about 3000 people were chosen to go to America, but Salva was one of them. He was relocated to Rochester where he was adopted by a man named Chris and his wife. There he lived, but later decided to go back home to Southern Sudan and started his non-profitable organization that changed his old home, called "Water for Southern Sudan".

I read this in two evenings!  It was so affecting, horrifying and filled with moments no child should have to experience.  A true life story about a resilient young Lost Boy who grew into a visionary and honorable man!  This one was recommended by one of my young customers at Gwinnett County Public Library Lilburn Branch.

Please pick this one up!

Reviewed by Karen J. Harris