Thursday, January 2, 2014

Young Adult Fantasy

How would you feel if you knew with relative certainty that on your 16th birthday, you would go insane?

Aoife Grayson is fifteen and lives in the city of Lovecraft in this Steampunk Fantasy. She is a ward of the state, studying in the School of Engines, while her mother is locked up in an institution.  Aoife hasn't seen the res of her family in quite some time. Her life consists of school, avoiding heresy, and obeying the Proctors, but as her birthday draws near, Aoife's wish to uncover the truth about her family (and avoid madness) takes over her life.  She and her friend Cal leave the school to uncover the secrets of the Grayson family, tempting heresy and fraternizing with miscreants and ghouls along the way.

The world building in this book is excellent, as is the plot development. This is definitely one story that will keep surprising you.  It is a teen novel, but it is pretty heavy reading.  This world is rather complex and there is quite a bit of terminology to keep straight, making the book sometimes confusing. However, it is a fascinating and suspenseful read, and while there are not too many young teens who I think would be able to really enjoy this story, older teens and younger adult fantasy readers will devour it. The Iron Thorn is first in the three book Iron Codex series.

The catalog is currently not taking requests, but will be available the middle of January. 

Review by Anni 

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