Monday, January 27, 2014

Learn about Poetry

Understanding Poetry (The Modern Scholar: Way with Words, Vol. 4)A Way with Words IV: Understanding Poetry 
By Michael D. C. Drout

Professor Michael D. C. Drout of Wheaton College brings poetry to life in this engrossing series of lectures about the evolution of this literary art form. He begins by defining poetry in his words “as a verbal art form in which both form and content are important and in which sound and meaning are essential for the artwork” The journey continues as the listener learns about the importance of oral tradition, and “the roots of tree” or Anglo-Saxon Poetry. Next is the lecture entitled “Of Meters and Rhyming Craftily” which describes alliteration, iambic, trochaic and other pentameters and how they create the framework of a poem. The works of famous poets are explored along with brief biographical information. This historical panorama includes a look at Early Renaissance poetry, the Romantics, the Metaphysicals, the Later Romantics, the Victorians, American poets concluding with Modern and Post Modern Poetry. There are fourteen lectures on 7 CDs that will delight those with long commutes and an interest in literature.

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Review by Karen J. Harris, Librarian, Norcross Branch, Gwinnett County Public Library

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