Monday, January 6, 2014

Please Pardon our Progress!

The Gwinnett County Public Library is getting a new catalog!

This upgrade will include many new features, such as the ability to save a list of the library books you've read, better search functionality, and even the option to find directions to the closest branch that has the book you want. 

Please click here to go to an information page with frequently asked questions and videos about these new features.

Because of this transition, our catalog will be unavailable from January 10 through January 14.

This means that many of the links we provide in the blog will be broken and the even the images of book covers will begin to disappear.

Starting January 15, the new catalog will be available and we invite you to go explore at

Unfortunately, it will take a little bit longer for us to go in and fix all of the broken links in this blog.

Plus, we'll be busy preparing for another big change. There are plans to move our reviews to the main site at very soon!

Watch this space for news about that.

Until then, we do plan to resume posting as soon as we are able.

Thanks for reading!

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