Thursday, January 30, 2014

Want to Learn More about Economics?

The Little Book Of Economics, Revised And Updated: How The Economy Works In The Real World: Ip, GregThe Little Book of Economics
By Greg Ip

This is an engaging and most informative book that explains how the economy works. Each chapter is arranged with a discussion of the topic, under two headings. The next section is into the weeds which defines the lingo, essential data and people involved. The final section is “the Bottom Line” which could be read alone without the rest of the chapter. In addition to current economic challenges, the author throws in some history of the cycles of depressions, recessions and the factors that lead up to each one. Chapter titles include Economic Bungee Jumping, Labor Pains, The Price of Economic Freedom, White Smoke Over Washington Mall, All the World is an ATM, and Good Debt, Bad Debt. The author states that he wrote this book to provide non-economists with a practical, plain language guide to the concepts they encounter in their daily lives whether as students, business people, or concerned citizens from growth, unemployment, and inflation to deficits, globalization and the Federal Reserve. This book is an interesting study of what truly makes the world go around.

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Review by Karen J. Harris, Librarian, Norcross Branch, Gwinnett County Public Library

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