Friday, March 28, 2014

Two Different Love Stories

The Rosie Project is a love story for those who can relate to the socially inept. Don Tillman, a professor of genetics, lives his lie in a logical, organized, systematic way. He knows that he tends to think and react differently than others so when he decides that he is ready to take the steps of finding a wife he of course goes about it very methodically. He makes a questionnaire and creates the Wife Project.

However, along the way he makes a friend named Rosie who ends up turning his life upside down in a very good way as he helps her find her father. Don learns that love is more than what can be put on paper. This is a funny and touching story as much as learning about oneself as it is about recognizing love. 

It is 1880 in London and 19 year-old Frances Irvine is living a privileged life under her father's roof. She wants for little until her father sickens and passes away. Investments her father had made have fallen through and left her with nothing. With few choices she agrees to an unwanted marriage to a man she doesn't like in South Africa. On the trip over she falls in love with another passenger. When she arrives in Africa, though she marries as intended, she continues to pine for the other man.

She must decide whether to stay with her husband or leave with the man she has fallen for. Out in the harsh country with no skills Frances is forced to leave her sheltered way behind and learn about the harsh realities of life. She must challenge her perceptions and learn who to trust. The Fever Tree is a story of learning about oneself, discerning the truth and following your heart. 

Review by Arlene  

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