Monday, March 10, 2014

True Love

True Love 
 By Jude Deveraux

Bestselling romance writer Jude Deveraux begins a new chapter in the lives of the Montgomery-Tagger family. Set on Nantucket Island, the atmospheric island is home to ancestral secrets, including the disappearance of Valentina Kingsley more than 200 years ago. Recently deceased matriarch Adelaide Kingsley has bequeathed Alix Madsen a year in the family home named “To Sea Forever.” Alix’s charge is to determine what happened to Valentina Kingsley all those years ago. This quirky gift comes at an opportune time since she is completing her architectural studies and is at the end of a romantic breakup. Jared Montgomery-Kingsley is a renowned architect who is staying in the guest house, and is none too pleased with the new tenant. Together they traverse the bounds of time with the assistance of the family ghost, Caleb Kingsley, to resolve a complex and emotionally charged mystery. The meaning of the title is not simplistic and the resolution of the plot lines most enjoyable.

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Review by Karen J. Harris, Librarian, Norcross Branch Gwinnett County Public Library

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