Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lusitania; Trimuph, Tragedy and the End of the Edwardian Age by  Greg King and Penny Wilson

Greg King and Penny Wilson put human faces on the tragedy of the Lusitania sinking.  He artly laces historical facts along with personality sketches of some of the people on the fateful journey. The authors were able to give a voice to people like actress Rita Jolivet, Alfred Vanderbilt, Dorothy Conner, Albert and Gladys Bilicke all high society personages. Also imparted were descriptions of the accomodations of First, Second and Third class passengers, what they paid for those accomodations and how those prices would compare with today's prices. Parts were difficult to read...the suffering was palatable along with the description of the chaos that occurred as travelers tried valiantly to save their 18 minutes. With the 100 anniversary of the sinking approaching on May 7, 2015 it is worth a look at a time gone by but with a lasting imprint on the soul of the USA, Germany, England and  many pulled into the tragedy of   WWI. Illustrations included.

Reviewed by Karen H

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