Monday, April 6, 2015

Front CoverBook Review:  Restoration by Rose Tremain

Restoration is a dazzling romp through 17th-century England. The main character Robert Merivel not only embodies the contradictions of his era, but ours as well. He is trapped between the longing for wealth and power and the realization that the pursuit of these trappings can leave one's life rather empty.
This is a heartfelt alternately joyful and devastating read about the growth of the main character Robert Merivel.   This book was initially published in 1989 and with this reprinting continues to fascinate new audiences.  Readers will experience a seesaw of emotions sometimes rooting for Merivel and then wanting to scold him!  The ending is realistic and satisfying.  There is also a sequel to look forward to!

For ever eager Historical fiction aficionados!    

Review by Karen 

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