Monday, February 10, 2014

Which One Are You?

Although this is not supposed to happen in today's politically correct world, parents may unintentionally label their children as "the smart one" or "the athletic one" or "the social one". This is the case in the Coffey family.
Meet the Coffeys:
Will: the professor father who doesn't like to get involved too closely
Weezy: the stay at home mom who has always been too involved
Martha: the oldest who is not adept at social cues
Claire: the middle child who is suffering through a broken engagement
and Max: the happy go lucky son who is in college with a serious girlfriend

The  children are back living in the their family home and are reverting back to childish habits. Weezy had been suffering from empty nest syndrome, but now the nest is a bit too crowded. Will the children find their way back out of the nest or are they home for good?

The family dynamics portrayed in  The Smart One ring true to families struggling to relate to each other as adults and find their way in a world that is different than they imagined.

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Review by Cara 

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