Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Non Conventional Love Story for Valentine's Day


Someone Else's Love Story by Joshilyn Jackson is set in the Atlanta area.

Meet Shandi, a single mother who is trying to finish college. She is moving to Atlanta with her three year old son Natty into her dad's condo near the Georgia State campus to shorten her commute. The move is not ideal since she and her stepmother are on strained terms, but it is a necessity. On moving day, she is forced to pull into a rural Circle K when Natty is carsick. Little does she know how this action will change her life.

Will Ashe, a scientist  who is in the Circle K when Shandi enters, is having a bad day. It's the anniversary of a day he would rather forget. When a gunman enters the gas station, he is relieved. Maybe today will be the day his pain ends.

After Will saves the day by disarming the gunman, Shandi and Will's lives are intertwined. Shandi is convinced that Will can help her with a mystery she needs solved.  Will agrees to help Shandi with her mystery and in doing so, begins to reevaluate the life he has been leading for the past year. While learning about each other, they learn more about themselves and gain the courage they need to move forward.

In this lushly written story, Jackson explores love between a parents and children, love within a marriage, love between friends, and unrequited love.

Review by Cara

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