Sunday, December 15, 2013

Robert Langdon is Back

Inferno begins with Robert Langdon who awakens in a hospital in Florence Italy suffering from a head wound.  He has lost 36 six hours of his life remembering nothing about how he got there, how he was wounded or how a small macabre object got sewn into his jacket!  

It soon becomes clear that divergent groups of people are looking for Robert Langdon and his world erupts into chaos.   On the run with Sienna Brooks, the doctor who treats him, he eventually realizes that the object contains a disturbing video.  The video includes a hooded feature who recites verses from the epic poem the Divine Comedy, specifically the Inferno.   The hooded Dante type figure eludes to a cataclysmic event that will occur that will change the world…forever.  Traveling to uniquely beautiful basilicas, and locations such as Palazzo Vecchio, Bobolie Gardens and the Duomo, Langdon and Brooks find a network of passage ways and ancient secrets and a startling scientific paradigm….one that will improve life on earth…or destroy it.  

This book was a thrill ride that takes the reader on a trip to gorgeous locations in Italy and Greece in search of answers to a quixotic riddle.   Stanzas from the Divine Comedy are interspersed throughout the text adding suspense to the fast moving story.  

Review by Karen 

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