Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Spoonful of Sugar Makes it All Better!

Have you ever wondered what the job of a Nanny entails?  In A Spoonful of Sugar, Brenda Ashford describes in the joys and sacrifices involved in what she termed her life’s calling.  The first day she held her baby brother David in her arms as a young girl she became entranced with the wonders of new young life! She attended London’s Norland College for several years to acquire all the skills necessary to be a qualified Nanny.  Having experienced an idyllic childhood Nurse Brenda, as she was fondly called by many of her families,  aspired to create the same simple joys in the lives of families including what she deemed most important…enough fun and cuddles!  The book includes recipes, photographs and bits of wisdom such as “appreciate the passage of time”, “take time for fun” and “take time to cheer someone up”.  Nurse Brenda never found love or had children of her own but had not one regret because in her own words “there were too many babies who needed my love” Over her 62 year career she served refugee children during WWII and children of lords ensconced in large estates employing her simple method for nurturing children and families.  Reading this simple and delightful memoir will put a spring in your step and joy in your heart.  

Reviewed by Karen

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