Monday, November 4, 2013

Snellville Branch Staff Picks

This month's staff picks come from the Elizabeth H. Williams Branch in Snellville, the only library branch in Gwinnett County named for a person rather than a location.

His Majesty’s Dragon (Temeraire, Book 1)
by Naomi Novik

Fantasy is blended with a history of the Napoleonic Wars in this first novel of the Temeraire series. Captain Will Laurence captures a French ship carrying a dragon egg bound for Napoleon. Temeraire hatches and bonds with Will, and so the adventures begin. This story is filled with historical detail from that time period, with the difference that battles are fought from dragon-back as well as on ground and sea. The dragon personalities are delightful, and you will enjoy getting to know them.

The Charge
by Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard differentiates The Charge from rewarmed, cheer-styled motivation books by utilizing amazingly clear and intuitive suggestions. Burchard challenges readers to proactively re-examine their everyday routines, thoughts and actions. This fresh perspective, combined with simple yet effective action ideas, allows the reader to reactivate emotional and motivational drives that may have been subtly muted by common life trials.

The Good House
by Tananarive Due

Tanarive Due’s Good House is a perfect Halloween thrill read. In addition to an exceptional supernatural story line, the book draws the reader into the action through the lives of the characters. Most impressive is the emphasis placed on the loss of family connectedness. Due painstakingly examines the losses and the inexplicable void within the story’s family by gradually exposing the secrets kept by their forefathers. Due weaves a tale of the family’s ancestral history to provide hope for their future.

How the Light Gets In
by Louise Penny

The eighth book in the Chief Inspector Gamache series, How the Light Gets In offers satisfying conclusions to some of the inspector’s old problems. A murder of a national celebrity and a showdown with the inspector's nemesis converge in a charming town with no electronic access to the outside world. When circumstances for Gamache and friends seem their most bleak, the Chief Inspector is reunited with ex-partner Beauvior and the murder is solved. An extremely suspenseful read set in beautiful Quebec.

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