Monday, November 18, 2013

Servant Take on Pride and Prejudice

Ever wonder what the servants of Longbourn were doing while Lizzy Bennet and Mr. Darcy were sorting out their relationship? With Pride and Prejudice in the background, Longbourn focuses on Sarah, a maid in the Bennet household.

Sarah was rescued from the work houses by Hill, the housekeeper of Longbourn. Sarah's life revolves around the ladies of Longbourn. Whatever is needed, Sarah must do. Laundry, soap making, dressing, delivering letters, and going into town to fetch last minute needed items are only a few of her duties. Laundry day is the most dreaded in the Bennet household by Sarah. The hours of washing the linen make her hands crack open and bleed, and all the women in the house make for a lot of linen. The days are long and hard, with too many chores and not enough servants to accomplish them all.

The servants of Longbourn are surprised by the hiring of the young manservant named James Smith. The arrival of James Smith is welcome and his muscle is sorely needed.  James begins taking on the more arduous tasks of Longbourn, which lightens Sarah's load. With many men joining the army and navy to move up in the world, James's choice to work there is a mystery. Sarah longs to know more about James, but he is tight lipped about his background. Follow the lives of Sarah and James as they work, eat, live, and breathe Longbourn.

This is a good read for anyone who enjoys Austen's work - but be warned that the author takes a few liberties with the original Pride and Prejudice story.

Review by Cara 

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