Thursday, October 10, 2013

Psychological Thriller

Defending Jacob by William Landay tells the story of Andy, an assistant district attorney investigating the surprising murder a high school boy who is a classmate of his son. The shocked and frightened community wants answers, and  Andy is determined to find out who committed this heinous crime so close to home. The students at the school, not questioned until legal releases can be obtained, are not communicative about the death. Andy discovers through social media that the whole school is buzzing, and the buzz concerns his son Jacob.

Due to pressure from the district attorney's office who feel that his involvement is a conflict of interest, Andy releases the case. Andy knows that his office isn't being forthcoming, but is blindsided when Jacob is arrested for the murder. Jacob swears his innocence despite the mounting evidence. Andy is convinced of Jacob's innocence and conducts his own investigation to seek the truth.

Filled with secrets, twists, and turns, Defending Jacob is a thrill ride for those who enjoy a good psychological thriller. If you enjoyed Gone Girl, give this one a try.

Review by Cara 

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