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Peachtree Corners Branch Staff Picks

October's staff picks come to us from the Peachtree Corners Branch in Norcross, up on the northwest edge of the county. Thanks, Peachtree Corners staff for sharing some of your favorite titles!

Night Road
by Kristin Hannah

Jude Farrady and her twins Zach and Mia are at the heart of this family saga. Lexi Ball moves into town, becoming Mia’s best friend and soon her inseparable companion. Lexi forms a close friendship with Zach as well, and soon it blossoms into full-blown first love. There is more to Lexi than meets the eye, but secret past or no, Jude and her husband find out the truth but choose to love and accept Lexi all the same. Jude soon becomes a surrogate mother to Lexi, who becomes a constant at the Farrady house. But having grown up on the wrong side of the tracks it is a bit hard for her to conceive of their opulent lifestyle. It is a tough challenge for Jude to give the teens their freedom as they grow older. Jude’s worst fears come true and tragedy strikes during the Senior year of high school for Lexi and the twins. An emotionally complex and satisfying read about love, forgiveness, and suffering long and hard consequences for your actions.

The Legacy
by Katherine Webb

The Legacy is set in the English countryside, where the estate of Storton Manor and its inhabitants figures greatly in the story. The main characters are sisters Erica and Beth Calcott. Beth is tormented by a day in their youth when her cousin Henry mysteriously vanished and was never seen again. Though Erica believes it is irrational, Beth has always blamed herself. The book is big on both plot and character development and will not disappoint readers who love family sagas, suspense, or mystery as it contains all three. The book contains a reader’s guide and is perfect for book clubs. The Peachtree Corners book club couldn’t stop talking about the many layers of this fast-paced story.

The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats
edited by Richard J. Finneran

William Butler Yeats was the most influential Irish poet of the 20th century. Whether waxing lyrical for his long-lost muse Maud Gonne, the feminist and Irish Revolutionary who spurned his love, or retelling ancient Celtic myths, Yeats never fails to hit the heart of the reader. He writes of Helen of Troy, of wandering Aengus, of political figures Cromwell and Parnell but also of growing old and learning to deal with his mortality in “The Four Ages of Man” and “A Prayer for Old Age.” Yeats was very involved in the occult society The Golden Dawn, and several poems deal with esoteric subjects. This anthology reveals how his work changed as Ireland became an independent country and he a statesman. Yeats dedicated one of his books to Lady Gregory, who dominated the theater with him during the Irish Renaissance, and this anthology includes his dramatic poems for several voices.

The Enchanted life of Adam Hope
Rhonda Riley

One rainy day in the last months of World War II, 17-year-old Evelyn Roe, tending the farm she has inherited from her aunt and uncle, literally pulls what appears to be an unconscious man from the bottom of a large mud puddle. His adult-sized body is strangely unfinished and embryonic, and he seems to have come from nowhere: he has no clothes, no discoverable identity, no language. Evelyn takes him into her house and eventually into her heart, and thus begins their strange story. As Evelyn and Adam attempt to live normal lives with the burden of Adam’s unknown origins and strange natural gifts, they learn too well the price of being different from those around them. The Enchanted life of Adam Hope is a novel about otherness, about what it means to have a secret that is wonderful and yet must be kept hidden.

The Uninvited Guests
Sadie Jones

On the eve of the 20th century, Sterne, a grand old English manor, sits on the brink of financial ruin. But Emerald and Clovis Torrington are selfishly absorbed with the details of Emerald’s twentieth birthday dinner, a ruinously expensive gala which has all the household in preparatory uproar. Unfortunately, just as the illustrious guests begin to arrive for the celebration, tragedy strikes nearby in the form of a deadly railway accident. When Sterne is commandeered by the local authorities as a waystation for stranded passengers, mayhem envelopes the estate. Dark, campy, facetious, and strangely funny, the plot unfolds well beyond a comedy of manners, and in the end takes some surprising twists on its way to resolution. A good read for October shivers!

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