Monday, September 16, 2013

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun


Violet and Daisy are twins with psychic abilities. Daisy, a stay at home mom, has disconnected herself from her "senses" due to her desire to not feel different from anyone else. In strict contrast, Violet makes her living by reading fortunes. Granted, there hasn't been much of a living for Violet and Daisy usually helps her sister out whenever she can.

When Violet has a premonition that St. Louis will experience a major earthquake, Violet and Daisy are thrust in to the national spotlight. Violet makes appearances on The Today Show and garners praise and criticism about her talents. Once the media finds out Violet and Daisy are twins, they are eager to spotlight their childhood. Daisy, who in college changed her name to Kate, isn't thrilled with the media attention since she has tried to disassociate herself from her that part of her life. She must now confront the return of her own premonitions, and deal with the fall-out from her husband and friends, who are professors at Washington University in the earth science department, who vehemently deny there will be an earthquake.

While Violet and Kate are close, Violet scorns Kate's decisions to be a stay at home mom, while Kate can't understand Violet's lifestyle. The weeks leading up to the prediction change Violet and Kate in ways they can't image. Will Violet's premonition bring the sisters closer together? Will it come true?

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Review by Cara

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