Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Woman of Adventure

The Map of Lost Memories
By Kim Fay

Indiana Jones is an archaeologist, and so is Irene Blum. But while Indy spends his time slashing through jungles and hunting lost treasures, Irene is an expert from afar. She grew up in museums, becoming so knowledgeable in ancient Cambodian civilization that she knows she'll have the job of Museum Director one day. Unfortunately, when the director steps down Irene is not offered the position. It goes to a man instead. She may be the best person, but this is America in 1925 and the museum is set in its ways.

Furious, Irene sets off on a quest to find a long-lost treasure and prove her worth to the world of archaeology. Her first task is to run down the people who will help her. This takes her to Shanghai where she meets the drug-addicted and unpredictable Simone Merlin. While Irene is not sure how far she can trust Simone, a narrow escape from danger seals them together and they set off towards the lush jungles of the southeastern Asian interior. While Irene has never been to Cambodia before, it is a homecoming for Simone. Along the way they meet a nightclub owner and a diplomat who both join the expedition. Everyone seems to have their own agenda, which they are in no hurry to share with the others. Will Irene find her lost treasure and the vindication she seeks, or will it be stolen from right under her nose?

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Review by Danny Hanbery

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