Monday, July 15, 2013

New Novel by Elizabeth Strout

If you haven't read Elizabeth Strout's Puliter Prize winning novel, Olive Kitteridge, the library has copies available.

In her new book, Strout tackles Maine in a different way. The Burgess Boys is about the Burgess family. Jim, Bob, and Susan were raised by their mother in Maine after a horrific accident killed their father. Bob and Susan are twins, but the family is overshadowed by Jim, the popular, successful New York City lawyer who can do no wrong. Susan is the Burgess who chose to stay in Maine to live her life. When Susan's son Zach gets into a bit of legal trouble, Bob and Jim return to Maine to help. The family has grown apart in recent years. Long scabbed over scars rise to the surface as the Burgess family come together to deal with a crisis. 

Divided into four smaller books, Strout portrays the hurt, anguish, and triumph of an ordinary family from a small town thrust into the national spotlight.  

To request this book, click on the title or picture above. 

Review by Cara 

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