Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thrilling Sci-Fi Mystery

By Hugh Howey

Told episodically, because it was originally released in five installments, this book grabs you from the very beginning. The twists come so quickly that you hardly have time to settle in. The first mystery is simply this: Who's the main character going to be? Good luck figuring that out because no one is safe in this world where all that survives of humanity is living in an underground silo. As soon as you've got a character you can count on, they're gone.

The people in this dismal future are resourceful, and many of them are happy. They grow their own food, they mine for oil, they fabricate all the products they need, but they can never, ever leave the silo. To even mention such a desire is a criminal action. The punishment? You get your wish. You find out what's happening on the surface of the planet. How did it get this way? Who's really running the silo? And what's over those hills in the distance? Read the book to find out.

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Review by Danny Hanbery

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