Monday, May 6, 2013

Hamilton Mill Branch Staff Picks

This month our staff picks come from the staff of the Hamilton Mill branch, GCPL's newest, award-winning "green" library in Dacula. Here are a few titles they have enjoyed enough to share with you. Happy reading from Hamilton Mill!

Shadow on the Crown
by Patricia Bracewell

Shadow on the Crown is the story of Emma, a young girl from Normandy whose hand is given in marriage to the King of England. This is a marriage of alliance and  not an easy transition for Emma. King Athelred is haunted by his past and hopes the alliance will help keep the raiding Danes from his doorstep. Unfortunately, his past continues to lead him to make poor decisions for his kingdom. The results tie Emma closer to the unsettled kingdom and lead her to make difficult decisions for herself and those who are dependent on her. This is not a happily-ever-after story. It gives a glimpse into what life was like for those tied to royalty during such an unstable period of time and shows the strength of women back then.

The Runaway Princess
by Hester Browne

Looking for a lighter read, I came across this modern-day fairy tale. Amy, originally from a small town, now lives in London with her roommate and is a professional gardener with her own business. Her roommate is always throwing parties or taking her to one, but Amy prefers to hide in the kitchen rather than to socialize. One party, though, unexpectedly introduces her to a prince who not only is handsome but  apparently has fallen in love with her. Before she knows it, Amy is dating Prince Leo and it is getting serious. But can she shrug off her social awkwardness, get the dirt out from under her nails, and fit into his elegant and socially demanding world? This is not just a girl-meets-Prince-Charming story, it is also the story of opposites attracting and learning to grow and compromise.

The Blow Off
by Jim Knipfel

Knipfel delivers a scathing send up of America's media in this dark and hilarious novel. Protagonist Hank Kalabander makes his living as the crime blotter for a Brooklyn tabloid, reporting on bizarre incidents that occur in the borough. When he learns that a drunk has been assaulted by a “a hulking, hairy beast who smells really bad,” Hank reports that the perpetrator is none other than the legendary Bigfoot. But, when new attacks occur, a hysterical public sincerely believes Bigfoot is to blame. Hank, along with a grizzled friend who runs a carnival sideshow, must set out to disprove Bigfoot's existence. Signature Knipfel, with crude characters, an outrageous story, and a healthy injection of misanthropy.

by Frank Herbert

One of my all-time favorite books, Herbert's Dune is sci-fi with a little fantasy in it. The main part of the story takes place on the desert planet Dune, whose new rulers come from a planet with lots of water. While that family is adjusting to the desert conditions, the other ruling families plot to kill the new Duke and all of his family. There are also huge sand worms on Dune and "Spice," which the rest of the ruling families want to control.

The Smartest Investment Book You'll Ever Read
by Daniel R. Solin

Author Daniel Solin gives welcome advice on how to invest your money in this little gem. His advice is straightforward and simple, and his investment strategies are applicable for people in all different stages of life. Though the chapters are short and easy to get through, Mr. Solin is able to get a helpful and entertaining message across. The book is under 200 pages and not a difficult read. Pick up a copy and you'll see Solin's book really is the smartest investment book you have ever read!

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