Thursday, January 10, 2013

Brat Pack? Not so much...

Pretty in Pink is one of my favorite movies. Andrew McCarthy, who plays the male lead, has a big part in that. His character, Blaine, is sensitive and unsure of what he wants from life. Swooooooon!

The Longest Way Home , McCarthy's novel, reveals McCarthy to be a thoughtful, introspective person. While he still acts and directs, his true calling is travel writing. Andrew explores and writes about the most remote places on the globe. His comfort with solitude is an asset in regards to his work. In his personal life, not so much.

Andrew intertwines his life and his travels to tell his story of his reluctance to settle down and marry his fiance. The journey is deeply personal and honest, and his bravery to document it for anyone to read moved me. His writing style is concise yet descriptive. There is not a wasted word, and filler doesn't exist in this story. If you enjoy National Geographic and learning about new places and people, this is a good read. 

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