Thursday, January 31, 2013

Action Adventure in Audio!

by James Rollins

Even though this is the eighth installment of the SIGMA Force series, it is the first James Rollins book I have read, and I must say, it will most certainly not be the last. Narrated by Peter Jay Fernandez, this action-packed book ping pongs through time and space, combining elements of science, medicine, and political intrigue with a skillful hand. I will admit that I was skeptical that I would even finish the book while listening to the prologue and first few chapters. Violence, blood, and gore do not appeal to me terribly much when I am making my commute home and trying to relax after a long day at work. However, that did not set the tone for the rest of the novel, and I soon became engrossed in trying to untangle the knot behind the kidnapping of the president’s pregnant daughter, the secret society known as the Guild, and the science behind immortality.  

As this is my first foray into the SIGMA Force world, I feared I would be lacking a connection to the characters, but found that I was not missing any information or background on the characters and quickly grew to cheer on my favorites: Commander Gray Pierce, Kat, Kowolski, and the war dog Kane. Peter Jay Fernandez did an excellent job bringing this story to life; indeed, the heartless and insidious Guild and the loyal, determined SIGMA Force so enraptured me that I would frequently find myself clenching the steering wheel during tense moments, fist-pumping the air at a major achievement, or sitting in the driveway for several minutes on end so that I could extend the listening experience. 

To find out more about the Guild and what they have planned for the human race, read Bloodline by James Rollins.

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Review by Allison Grubbs

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