Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Have You Heard of This Patterson?

Fall from Grace by Richard North Patterson
Review by Kathleen Richardson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Martha's Vineyard resident Richard North Patterson has written a thrilling story of suspense and family intrigue that shouldn't be missed! You know, sometimes I think people forget that James Patterson isn't the only author with that surname. That the two men write the same genre of fiction makes it even more difficult for some folks to tell them apart. There's nothing wrong with reading James Patterson.  Almost everyone I know has read at least one of his bestsellers. The difference to me is that Richard North Patterson's characters are emotionally complex and multidimensional.

Fall from Grace is the story of the death of Benjamin Blaine, wealthy patrician and celebrity. It has broad based appeal with a celebrity mistress character, a gay character, and a son that is the athlete and prime physical specimen that his father was. There is a love triangle, and a sibling triangle. There is intrigue. Ben Blaine's son is a CIA operative stationed in Afghanistan and he uses his spy tricks to find out about the case and to understand and protect others. It is a story of family plots and also a whodunit. We're not sure if Benjamin Blaine was murdered or fell to his death. So, for people who like a quick read with good characterization or for those who want a beach read that reminds them of the TV series Dynasty, this is a green light book.

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