Thursday, July 5, 2012

Austen Summer Read

I read a ton of Jane Austen related fiction. Not so much the sequels, but modern day women who love Austen and connect with her in their daily lives. Some of it is horrifically bad, but some are good. 

This is one of the good ones. 

Dr. Katherine Roberts looks forward to the Jane Austen Conference held every year. She's a presenter, and this year her anticipation is heightened because she believes that her favorite racy romance author, Lorna Warwick, will make an appearance. Katherine loves Warwick's books, but due to their racy nature, doesn't declare her love openly. On a chance, she writes a fan letter to Warwick, who responds. A pen pal friendship is started, and Katherine can't wait to meet her friend.

Robyn, another Janeite, can't wait for the conference. When her troublesome boyfriend invites himself on her trip, she doesn't know what to do but to agree. Things have been lackluster between them for a while, but Robyn (for some reason) can't release him.

This book was fun and filled with Austen. Austen quotes, talks about the movie adaptations, a trivia quiz, and visits to her home in Hampshire. If you like Austen and fun, quick, romance reads, this is for you. 

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