Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Grown Up Kind of Pretty

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ginny Slocumb knows this year is going to be eventful. Every fifteen years, something big happens in Ginny's life. At 15, she became pregnant, at 30, her daughter does the same. At 45, her granddaughter is turning 15 and Ginny is on guard.

Liza, Ginny's daughter, after a long road to overcome her addictions, has suffered a stroke. While removing the willow in the backyard to make way for a pool to help with Liza's recovery,  tiny human bones are found. The question begins: who do the bones belong to and why are they in the yard?

The journey to answer these questions delves deep into the relationships of these women. Relationships to themselves, to each other, and to others. Along the way, the Slocumb's reveal themselves to be strong women in a small southern town that forgets nothing. This tale highlights who they have become while connecting their pasts to the present. While I had trouble reading Backyard Saints, published in 2010, this new book kept my attention all the way through, and by the end, I was reading faster and faster to get to the conclusion.

I recommend Jackson's books for readers who like stories set in the South with complex characters and complicated family history. If you enjoy her books, you may also enjoy Sarah Addison Allen.

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