Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Interested in Alternate History Books?

My Real Children by Jo Walton

Patricia has three children. Or does she have four?  Is she a housewife who’s rarely left Britain or a travel writer who loves all things Italian? 

Spending her last days in the dementia ward of a nursing home, ninety year old Patricia is used to forgetting things.  She forgets small things, such as the day of the week or where she left her glasses, and she forgets very big things as when she forgets her grandson’s recent death.  However, something is different.  She is certain that she remembers two distinct lives with very different paths all based on one fateful decision. Yes or No?  Now or Never?   

Based on the idea that a decision can literally change the whole world, this novel of alternative history will appeal to readers of domestic literature who don’t mind a little fantasy/science fiction thread woven in. 

For fans of Life After Life (Atkinson) and  The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Review by Amy

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