Thursday, December 18, 2014

Reaching Out To Your Past

Relationships are complicated. Meet Georgie, a sitcom writer who has a chance to create her own show with her writing partner, Seth.  Georgie chooses to spend the holiday season writing a pitch for the show of her dreams instead of traveling to Omaha with her husband Neal and their two young girls.  Neal is not thrilled with the idea of going on his own for the holidays.

Georgie, wracked with guilt over not leaving LA,  tries everything possible to reach her husband during their separation, including calling him in Omaha on her old yellow land line phone from her old childhood bedroom. Miraculously, the land line phone always seems to reach Neal, though it is the Neal during their courtship in college.

Georgie experiences talking with her husband during the week prior to their engagement. She becomes wrapped up these conversations and becomes increasingly disinterested in writing the new show despite the deadline. Her writing partner and best friend Seth tries to keep her focused on their dream of creating their own scripts.

Landline is the creation author Rainbow Rowell, who is known for Eleanor and Park and Fangirl. Pick up Landline and connect to a relationship that is realistic and touching.

Review by Cara

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