Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hosseini's Latest

And the Mountains Echoed begins Abdullah and Pari, a brother and sister who live in a poor Afghan village.  After the death of their mother, Abdullah becomes everything to 3 year old sister Pari; brother, mother, father in essence a touch stone for her own existence.

Their father sells Pari to a wealthy family in Kabul with the two fold goal of providing her with a better life and sustaining his new wife, his son Abdullah and their newly born son.  The rupture of the relationship between Abdullah and his sister Pari creates a chain of events that cross several continents and opens a wound in them both that touches all who connect with them including cousins, caretakers, and extended family  over a span of 50 years.  Secondary and tertiary characters in the story are prey to dreadful misfortunes, seemingly life enhancing good fortune that all of which underscore the fragility of life, predestination in life and the complexity of events that occur at  random with reverberating consequences. 

The themes of self sacrificing love vs. selfishness, privilege vs. sharing and joy with minimum comfort vs. angst amidst opulence makes this an involving and at times a heart breaking read.   Author Hosseini has a gift for engaging the emotions of readers and leading them head first into a different culture from which they emerge with a different perspective.  Please read this one!

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Review by Karen Harris 


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