Monday, June 3, 2013

Sing Me a Love Song

Jonny Valentine (or rather, Jonathan Valentino) is two months shy of twelve. However, unlike most 11 year olds, Jonny is a teen singing sensation. Having gotten his start on YouTube, Jonny is now touring the country with his mom and manager Jane, his bodyguard Walter, and his vocal coach Rog.

Jonny's days are a whirlwind of practice, meet and greets, shows, and video games. His diet is strictly monitored, his clothes picked out for him, and his main companion is his mother, who lives through him. What 11 year old knows about market shares, how a music label operates, and what endorsement deals are needed? Jonny understands that you don't pick a pretty girl from the crowd, because the fat ones will get jealous, and that interviews are full of lies and deception. Due to his age, the need to transition from a "tween" star to a "teen" star is paramount. Will he become more like Tyler Beats, the current reigning teen heartthrob or will Jonny choose to give it all up and have a normal life?

The Love Song of Jonny Valentine is a scathing portrayal of the music industry seen through the eyes of an 11 year old boy who is fighting burgeoning hormones and a mother/manager.

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Review by Cara 

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