Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sue Grafton As Never Before

Kinsey and Me is the latest offering from Sue Grafton. The book is divided into three distinct sections. The first section is nine short stories featuring Kinsey Millhone, Grafton's famous private eye. The middle is a brief explanation of Grafton's love for private detectives and what they represent to her. The last section is a series of short stories based on a character named Kit Blue, who is younger version of Grafton herself. Both sets of short stories are prefaced with an introduction that gives detail about the stories and the characters. 

As a Sue Grafton and Kinsey fan, I was thrilled to read the short stories featuring Kinsey. They were sharp and smart, and I wished there were more of them. The stories featuring Kit Blue were deep and touched on the themes of children and parent role reversal, alcoholism, and family relationships. If the stories were autobiographical, as Grafton as indicated, I have compassion for Grafton as the child of alcoholic parents. The novel is a juxtaposition of light and dark, with the Kinsey stories being light and Kit Blue being dark. 

Fans of Sue Grafton will enjoy this book, though it is not necessary to know Kinsey and her history. A recommended read for all private eye fans. 

If you have never tried Grafton's Kinsey Millhone series, the first is A for Alibi.  Grafton introduces Millhone, a tough female private eye that is naturally nosy. Her short tenure as a police officer has led her to a private eye career. Millhone lost her parents at an early age and was raised by her Aunt Gin, who was not very maternal. The story focuses on Nikki Fife, who has hired Kinsey to track down who actually killed her husband. Nikki has served her time, and the trail is eight years old. What will Kinsey find? 

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Review by Cara 

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