Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In Honor Of Those Who Have Served

The library has many, many books about our armed forces and their experiences in addition to military history. In honor of Veterans Day, here are two that have recently been published.

Those Who Have Borne the Battle 
by James Edward Wright 

Summary from our catalog:
At the heart of the story of America's wars are our "citizen soldiers"--those hometown heroes who fought and sacrificed from Bunker Hill at Charlestown to Pointe du Hoc in Normandy, and beyond, without expectation of recognition or recompense. Americans like to think that the service of its citizen volunteers is, and always has been, of momentous importance in our politics and society. But though this has made for good storytelling, the reality of America's relationship to its veterans is far more complex. In 'Those Who Have Borne the Battle', historian and marine veteran James Wright tells the story of the long, often troubled relationship between America and those who have defended her--from the Revolutionary War to today--shedding new light both on our history and on the issues our country and its armed forces face today.

American Veterans on War: Personal Stories from World War II to Afghanistan 
by Elise Forbes Tripp

Summary from our catalog:
The United States is embroiled in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan -- wars that seem as far from Americans understanding as the countries are distant from our shores. With 'American Veterans on War,' Elise Forbes Tripp brings our current wars and their predecessors home in the words of 55 veterans aged 20 to 90. The veterans raise questions about when wars are worth fighting, what missions can and can't be won, and the costs and benefits of US intervention, both around the world and domestically. Recent veterans tell wrenching stories of coping with hostile forces without uniforms, of not knowing who is friend or foe, and of the lasting traces of combat once they've returned home. 

Thank You Veterans For Your Service 

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