Monday, August 13, 2012

Heading Out to Wonderful

Goolrick is back with a vengeance with his new book. Heading Out to Wonderful is the story of Charlie Beale, newly arrived in Brownsburg, VA. Charlie seems to be searching for something, and decides that Brownsburg has it. He becomes a member of the small community and forms a close relationship with his employer Will and his son Sam. He reveals little about his past, and is content with his life. Until he sees HER. Her name is Sylvan, the bride of the wealthiest man in town. Having been purchased to be his bride, her life is not her own. Sylvan is in love with the glamour of Hollywood, not her husband. She does not involve herself with the town, and the community shows their disdain for her in small ways, careful not to anger her husband, since his money keeps the town running.

Charlie is infatuated with Sylvan, and they begin a clandestine relationship. Only Sam, an observant 5 year old who hero worships Charlie knows their secret. But secrets in a small town do not stay secrets for long. Charlie's obsession with Sylvan tests all relationships around him and shakes up the small community forever.  

This beautifully written story explores relationships between family, friends, and lovers. Each word is chosen carefully to either conceal or reveal. If you enjoyed Goolrick's A Reliable Wife, you will want to read his newest offering. Request it here

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