Monday, June 11, 2012

Man's Best Friend

Soldier Dogs
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Take a good look at your dog. Do you think they can be trained to sniff out explosives, narcotics, IED's, or perform patrol duties? Are they resilient enough to work in 100+ degree heat? Do they always obey your commands?

Soldier Dogs by Goodavage explains the history of U.S. war dogs, and shares how soldier dogs are selected, trained, and what type of duties they perform. Each duty is accompanied by a definition. Different branches of service may use soldier dogs differently. Some dogs are only trained in one purpose, while others may be trained to perform multiple duties. Goodavage explains what the military are looking for in solider dogs, and how they are utilized. It is amazing what these dogs can do.

This book is more than just an overview of U.S. war dogs. Goodavage shares the stories of handlers and dogs who have served (some of which are still serving) in Iraq and Afghanistan. These personal stories are touching and emotional.  The soldiers will say they are just doing their jobs, but to me, they are heroes. Goodavage includes pictures so you can see what type of work the soldiers perform.

If you are a softie like me, prepare to have tissues handy, because in war, there are always casualities.

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