Thursday, May 17, 2012

Memories Lost - Would It Be a Curse or a Blessing?

4 of 5 stars

The Song Remains the Same 

A plane falls from the sky in Iowa. Nell is one of two survivors of the crash, found two hundred yards from the debris field still strapped in her seat. She awakes to find her memory gone and everyone a stranger. Who can she trust to awaken her memories? Her husband? Her mother? Her sister? The journalist interested in telling her story?

Nell, a thirty two year old NYC art gallery owner, uses music from her own play lists to try and jog her memory.  As she learns more about her life before the crash, more questions come into play. Was she happy? Is this the perfect opportunity for change? Do the family members helping her regain their memory have their own secret agendas? With the help of her therapist and the other crash survivor, Nell works toward uncovering her past and realizing what she wants for tomorrow.

Don't let the bright pink book cover scare you. It looks like fluff, but the story is well written, flows well, and makes you think.

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