Monday, January 26, 2015

The Glass Kitchen

Book Review:  The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee
Portia Cuthcart leaves Texas after her marriage fails due to her husband’s betrayal.  She has always wanted to operate The Glass Kitchen, a restaurant established by her Grandmother.  When she relocates to Manhattan her only desire is to never cook again because a gift she inherited from her Grandmother, “the knowing” is the engine of her creativity and way she knew what food would heal her customers appears to result in her Grandmother’s death. 

Once relocated due to financial hardships of her sisters and herself Portia resurrects her dream of the Glass Kitchen.   When she moves into the run down brownstone bequeathed to her by her great Aunt Eve, she meets Ariel, her sister Miranda and their father Gabriel who have purchased the upper levels of the brownstone.  Sparks fly between Portia and Gabriel, and coupled with facing into her fear of the knowing Portia must deal with old fears which stand in the way of her creativity, her desire for love and family and realizing her dream magic with food.

This was a delightful very engaging read!  The characters, and plot line the complexity of relationships begun through a leap of faith ring true to life.  

Please pick up if you are looking for a light romance with a little something extra

Reviewed by Karen H.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Best Books of 2014

Want to know what to read next? Here are links to the Best Books of 2014. Make a list of titles that interest you and search our catalog to see what's available. 
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